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Group Life & Accident with Fire Insurance

Incident/Benefits PLAN 1 PLAN 2
1. Accidental Death, Disablement & Dismemberment P 50,000.00 P 100,000.00
2. Murder or Unprovoked Assault P 25,000.00 P 50,000.00
3. Cash Burial Benefit due to Accident P 15,000.00 P 30,000.00
4. Life Insurance (death for natural causes) P 15,000.00 P 30,000.00
5. Fire Insurance for furniture & fixtures P 20,000.00 P 40,000.00
ANNUAL PREMIUM P 250.00 P 500.00
  • 18-69 years old Exit age 70 yrs. Old.
  • Not mentally incompetent or physically impaired.
  • Those who are able to perform the usual duties of their livelihood.
Extent Of Coverage
  • 24 Hours a day worldwide.
  • At work or at play or vacation or at home. Include Indemnity for loss of life, limb, speech, hearing, or sight, total & permanent disability resulting from accident bodily injury within 180 days from date of accident.
  • Fare-paying passenger on commercial airline, sea transportation, land transportation or on an elevator car.
  • As a consequences of the burning of any theatre, hotel or public building.
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