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Coop Assurance

    It is a partnership between the COOPERATIVE as distribution channels and CLIMBS, the insurance provider of cooperatives since 1971.
It is a partnership in marketing of COOP financial and investment products and CLIMBS insurance products and services.

Role in the Cooperative

    - Provide shortlist of Coop Assurance Center Manager for CLIMBS to select and point.
    - Require Coop�s elected officers and staff to undergo orientation on this partnership.
    - Require CoopAssurance marketing staff to attend on-going trainings to be conducted by CLIMBS marketing

CLIMBS Role in the Partnership

  • Training and Development

  •     - Product knowledge and selling skills
        - Management Skills

  • Product Literature and Development

  •     - Signage w/ CoopAssurance logo
        - Brochures, Flyers and Stickers
        - Design of new products customized to the needs of the coop members

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